Design a Bespoke African Print
Masterpiece with Caraci

Masterpiece Experience

Embark on a unique journey through Johannesburg’s fashion district and unleash your creativity with Caraci Clothing. From concept to finished garment, immerse yourself in the vibrant world of African prints and fashion.

Running & Streetwear

Running shoes that combine performance and style for the fashion-conscious runner.

Immerse yourself in the heart of Johannesburg’s fashion scene, where history and style come together. Discover the Fashion Capital and the vibrant fashion square located in the old Johannesburg city.

Accompanied by our designer, venture into the inner city and explore local fabric shops. Choose from a vast selection of unique African prints, finding the one that speaks to your personal style and preferences.

Meet our talented design team who will guide you through the process. They will take your measurements and collaborate with you on the creation of your custom garment, ensuring it perfectly reflects your vision.

Complementing your bespoke journey, enjoy a photoshoot in the trendy neighborhoods of Maboneng and Braamfontein. Optionally, have the entire experience documented in a vlog video, allowing you to cherish the memories and share your creative process.

The Experience Includes

  1. Choose a unique African print from our local fabric stores (fabric included).
  2. Learn how to take body measurements for custom clothing.
  3. Collaborate with our design team to cut the pattern and pieces for your custom garment.
  4. Acquire basic stitching and hand sewing skills as you assemble your masterpiece under the guidance of expert studio assistants.
  5. While you enjoy lunch, our assistants will complete the finishing touches on your garment.
  6. Star in a street photoshoot, showcasing your custom African print creation.

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Where We Wil Be

Alternative Designs & Lunch

Guests interested in creating something different from a bomber jacket can discuss alternative designs with our designer and tailors in the morning of the experience. Lunch is optional and can be enjoyed during the break.

Location and Fabric Quality

The jacket making takes place at Caraci studios, surrounded by a vibrant creative atmosphere. Fabric shopping occurs at Fashion Kapital, ensuring a wide range of high-quality cotton or cotton wax fabrics to choose from.